By Wichaya.




Based on GCam 7.3.018 Urnyx05 (Thanks Urnyx05)
Package name : com.GoogleCamera.Wichaya

- Added new AWB profiles (Thanks Savitar, burial)
Zenfone 6 : IMX586, OV13855
Zenfone 7 : IMX686, IMX363, OV08A10
Others : OV48C, HMX, IMX689
- Added post processing dots fix option from Urnyx05 (Thanks Urnyx05, Marco)
- Added sabre option (Off by default)
- Added support to Surface Duo (Thanks Urnyx05)
- Added use front camera at start up option (Thanks Marco)
- Added Portrait stream config option
- Added Sun bug fix option (On by default)
- Improved aux button behavior. Switching lens with restart while maintain which camera mode is use (Thanks Marco, overwhelmer for the help)
- Reworked some lib patcher menu. Now with dynamic lib patcher lens selection based on which aux button is enabled. This allow faster navigation for testing, tuning values
- Separated tone curve and gamma curve for aux camera
- Slightly adjusted aux buttons to higher position
- Set max length of manual aux name from 5 to 20
- Fixed black screen in video mode on some devices (Thanks Abhi)
- Fixed zoomed in viewfinder when using 16:9 aspect ratio (Thanks Abhi)
- Unhide noise model option




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