By Wichaya.





- A clean install is recommended.
- Configs from previous versions may cause issues on this update.


- Reworked some setting menus for less scrolling and added more summary for better explanation (Thanks Nok1 for suggestion).
- Better automatic lens detection (Thanks Arnova8G2).
- Now aux buttons will enable automatically at first startup but not perfect depending on the devices. You can disable, enable aux button in the settings accordingly.
- Now Aux buttons are centered instead of fixed position for each button.
- Fixed Astro mode on Rog Phone 3 and Zenfone 7. (Previous version doesn't trigger Astro mode due to API limitation).
- Added Astro max exposure time (Thanks Urnyx05).
- Added stream mode for stream config.
- Added the selection of max digital zoom.
- Added no restart aux method for aux button (Lib patcher value will not change as the library need to be reload).
- Added Spatial denoise for lib patcher.
- Added Preset Noise Reduction Model for Zenfone 6 (Only work with patched default lib. Thanks Savitar for the noise model and patched lib).



Google Camera Wichaya 01

Google Camera Wichaya 02

Google Camera Wichaya 03

Google Camera Wichaya 04

Google Camera Wichaya 05

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