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  • Gamma curve in patcher
  • Manual exposure button in viewfinder (A - off M - on exposure compensation)
  • Added to the patcher what Arnova calls smoothing l1 and l2 and contour contrast (sharpness)
  • Postprocessing from MarcoChr, Toggle postprocessing, postprocessing button in the finder (works on hot), included in advanced. When off processing there is no blunt after photo
  • Fix from Arnova to reexp
  • Returned slowdown
  • Familiar faces for all devices
  • Touch focus timeout, display time of expo slider and lock 8 seconds instead of 4,
  • Off some more patcher items
  • Lib Odin
  • In the settings, I moved the activation of the buttons to the sub-item
  • Low dynamic range (ldr)
    • Button in advanced, settings in the patch
    • In the settings, saturation and gamma coefficient.
    • In fact, the ldr button is contast1 = -1 in lib
  • Focus settings moved to a separate menu
  • Configuring the manual focus buttons in night mode (only in night mode!) of each lens that has autofocus. Thanks to fu24 and tigr.

About the manual focus buttons in Night mode:


If the input field is empty, the values are taken by default for Xiaomi Mi Note 10. For other devices, the values must be entered manually. The data is taken from the line that you want to make the active setting "Hide autofocus data".
Use lens for infinity when aiming at an object several kilometers away. For a macro, use a lens value when aiming at a close object. Measurements should be made in good lighting.



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