By Nikita.



Google Camera 7.4 for OnePlus 5/5T by Nikita (nickpl13) v1.1

Based on: B-S-G GCam 7.4.104

• Added app restart when changing settings (Thanks PitbulL)
• Fixed settings issue with some devices
• Added viewfinder maximum brightness
• Added exposure time
• Added portrait zoom which works for Main and Front
• Added semi-working astrophotography support for OnePlus 5/5T
• Updated Social Share apps with Telegram X and some others
• Added Frequent Faces for OnePlus 5/5T
• Fixed slowmo for some devices
• Other changes

• Astrophotography timer

• Astrophotography has been backported from 7.3. In this way it is the same and don't expect anything else
• How to get smoother slowmo: go to Settings > Advanced > Stream Config > Stream Mode & Set SlowMotion
• Flash for AUX works if you set it in 1x lens

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