By Nikita.




Google Camera 7.3 for OnePlus 5/5T by Nikita (nickpl13) v1.7

Based on: GCam 7.3.018 Urnyx05

• Rebased all modes with new OnePlus opmodes (Big thanks to Arnova8G2)
• Added Tone and Gamma visual graphs (Big thanks to Vibhor)
• Fixed Tone and Gamma in Lib Patcher (Big thanks to Vibhor)
• Added new Instantaneous HDR+ (thanks Arnova8G2)
• Added Social media depth features
• Added Lib Patcher Sharp Depth (thanks r0m10)
• Added Front camera AWB
• Added more frames for HDR+ Enhanced
• Added new Custom Lib by TlnNeun - TN0606
• Removed Custom Lib by r0m10 - Urod
• Fixed some stuff for other devices which I don't support officially
• Other small changes

• Astrophotography Timer

• New opmodes by Arnova mean that camera will use OEM HALs which enable GCam to use the system API
• Instantaneous HDR+ is an HDR between ZSL (HDR+on) and HDR+Enhanced. It is enabled in xml. However Dual Exposure from Pixel 4 doesn't work (it is hardware)
• Sharp Depth is recommended to use with default Lib Patcher settings and Google Lib to see the difference
• TN0606 Custom Lib is darker that's why it would be very helpful with daylight photos

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