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(From his XDA thread.)

UltraCVM v4
Based on Arnova's 5betaFinal.7.3.020 builds. All Arnova goodies included ;)

!! Don’t reuse ULIB or use UltraCam as base for any other mod. !!

v4 own features:
- Retuned to natural look (thx r0m10 for cooperation on this)
- Got rid of compression
- Got rid of downsampling
- Bilateral filter retweaked
- Sabre slightly retweaked
- Exposure slightly retweaked

- Tuned for best possible picture quality (tested on Imx586)
- Redid & fixed Libpatcher
- Added spatial denoise
- Added option to use OEM noise model from rom libs
- Added shutter control
- Added exposure compensation
- Added AWB per AUX (thx Arnova for helping with that)
- Ported Xiaomi API2 camera & AI keys
- Added experimental Qualcomm HDR bracketing mode
- Added awesome Tone & Gamma graph UI (thx Overwhelmer for helping with them)
- Added video bitrate options (thx Urnyx for helping with this)
- Added all my v3 NoiseModels with auto detection per sensor (thx Overwhelmer for helping)

- IMX586 Per-channel noisemodeller (v4 retweaked and fixed thx to Savitar)
- S5KHMX noisemodeller
- IMX686 noisemodeller
- IMX582 noisemodeller
- S5KGM1 noisemodeller
- S5KGW1 noisemodeller (credit goes to Wave_Generator)
- IMX363 noisemodeller
- Added new model for selfie cam

- Fully reskinned settings & UI (thx The_Dise for helping with this)
- And finally - added new awesome custom Logo/icon thx to me :)

Google Camera UltraM8 Google Camera UltraM8 Google Camera UltraM8 Google Camera UltraM8

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