By Nikita.




Google Camera 7.3 for OnePlus 5/5T by Nikita (nickpl13) v1.4

Based on: GCam 7.3.018 Urnyx05 v1.5

• Merged some code from Urnyx05 GCam v1.7
• Updated lib (thanks Urnyx05)
• More vector icons
• Removed analytics
• Changed hdr+ model to Pixel 4XL Coral
• New AWB modes (thanks the_dise and Arnova8G2)
• Added Exposure time in settings for Night Sight (thanks Urnyx05 and Wichaya)
• Added Share xml button in Configs settings
• Astrophotography

• Astrophotography
• Lib patcher won't work if you make it as system app, but you can install apk over the system app and it's ok

• If you want really fast app (black screen), don't use XML and Lib Patcher
• Astro saves photos. Semi-working astrophotography with ISO 10000 setting or with 1/2 s exposure time in some conditions. This seems to be maximum for OP5/5T devices
• New Max. exposure time and Max. exposure time (AUX) values - real maximum seconds for OP5/5T which is between 1s and 1/2s
• New Nik.xml and NikAstro.xml for quick switch between modes

Need to clarify something:
• Astrophotography works only with higher ISO values which isn't normal
• That's the only way to make it work. I have created NikAstro.xml for this purpose
• In some conditions you're able to capture Astro with Nik.xml too (exposure time 1/2s). It usually saves in real dark

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