By Nikita.




Based on: GCam 7.3.018 Urnyx05 v1.5

• Merged some code from Urnyx05 GCam v1.6
• Updated translations
• New vector graphics that really speeds up the app (Thanks the_dise)
• New Auto and Ultra modes in hdr+ enhanced (Thanks the_dise)
• Moved aux buttons
• Disabled aux buttons in Photosphere (Big Thanks Arnova8G2)
• New about app info (Thanks Urnyx05 for letting me change it)
• Updated app shortcuts: Portrait mode now is for main lens
• Cleaned up the code

• Astrophotography
• Lib patcher won't work if you make it as system app, but you can install apk over the system app and it's ok

• Test Google Photos processing issue. It may be fixed because of vector graphics. Just wait 1-2 sec
• If you want really fast app (faced with black screen), don't use xml and Lib Patcher

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OnePlus 5/5T Dotfix:

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