By Nikita.




Google Camera 7.3 for OnePlus 5/5T by Nikita (nickpl13) v1.1

Based on: GCam 7.3.018 Urnyx05 v1.5

• Added Portrait Mode and Night Sight shortcuts (Thanks Arnova8G2)
• Imported the lib from DMGC - dlib4c (Thanks the-dise)
• Reduced dots and noise with same details
• Disabled Video stabilization by default for working 60FPS
• Disabled Wide lens settings because OP5/5T don't support this
• Updated info (mod creator name, added link for my Celso page for updates)

• Auto-rotate in Night Sight on OOS (android 9 problem according to Urnyx05)
• Astrophotography
• Lib patcher won't work if you make it as system app. So no xml on some ROMs (e.g. PixelExperience), but you can install apk over the system app and it's ok

• AUX works. Check build.prop (see previous build) and set selinux to permissive
• AUX lens on dumpling takes 5mpx photos. So it is the same sensor feature like front cam 4mpx
• Recommended third-party gallery - Google Gallery GO. Some other gallery apps may not work (e.g. OnePlus gallery)
• XML name changed to 'Nik.xml'. It is still recommended. However if you don't like oversharp and noise in some conditions, don't use it

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