By UltraM8.




(From his XDA thread.)

Final tweaks on picture quality, decompression & processing the result.

- various small fixes & edits
- added ability to choose between google stock and prepatched r0m10/Tolyan libs
- added S5KHMX noisemodeller
- added imx686 noisemodeller
- added imx582 noisemodeller
- added S5KGM1 noisemodeller
- added imx363 noisemodeller
- added GM1, OV13855, OV13880 AWB

This is probably last update on 7.2 base, since Arnova & Urnyx05 are moving on 7.3 I've already started transplanting some of my patches to it as well, but due to 7.3 is beaing completely different at it's core and some things doesn't working next update might take much longer to hit public.

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