By Shamim.



Shamim's versions have lots of options and features from other modders (thanks for their work!) and even older GCam versions (may not work as expected on newer GCam bases). They're good if you want to be able to control different things, but stability and how well features work depend a lot on the device.


What's new!!

- Added more infos on device info log.
- Now all crash log will be saved in a file for a day.
- Changed xml loader dialogue. (Now supposed to be looked pretty nice than before.
- Fixed crashes of many devices now.
- Increased the target sdk to 33. So you guys have to enable the permission of all file access for getting access of internal storage and many more internal changes. So,When the app wants the permission, you will enable it.
- Optimized few codes newly.
- Now fixed issues with capture result. Added a option on developer settings named "capture.result_selection". There value:-
0= auto
-1= enable fix
1= disable fix
If lens shading map values not exist on c2api files, then enable it.
- Added fixations for more few devices.

- Fixed previous reported bugs.
- Added ability to detect physical and logical lenses individually.


- Clean installation is far better than dirty installation. If you notice any abnormalities after using previous version's xmls, then use without using xmls.


A support group is available on Telegram.

🗣 Discussion:

Versions from this modder may contain code from other developers.