By Shamim.



What's new!!

- Added 8k toggle on option menu. Now You can cast any resolution through that 8k toggle as you device support.
- Added "slider.api_selection" option in developer setting. Now you can cast those api keys through previous saturation slider.
  Value 0= Saturation level (It's enabled as default),
  Value 1= Iso,
  Value 2= Contrast level,
  Value 3= Sharpness level,
  (For making those api keys working, set hdr model to pixel 2xl and set cct to system cct.)
- Adjusted the height of sliders. Thanks @meto35
- Corrected few reported issues.
- Added "slider.astro_time_reinitrestart" and "slider.saturation_reinitrestart" options in developer setting.
- I have enabled non-restart for focus and saturation slider. If anything goes wrong,  then enable reinit restart from developer setting.
- Added astro time as slider.
- Optimized restart method.
- Added hdr frame rate individually for all lenses, portrait mode and night mode.
- Fixed few previously reported bugs.
- Now lens distortion also will be worked. If hdr+ enhanced crash, then force rectiface_support_level value to 0 from developer setting or Disable GeometricCalibration from few stuffs and customization settings.

Thanks to all sgcam beta testers specially @IamVamsiK, @Ar_saikat, Madiel Jiménez for testing the cam perfectly.


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