Changes from the previous version, plus:

- New camera icon
- Added "Sharp distrib.rad.1" and "Sharp distrib.rad.2" to the "Sharp New" block
- Added new AWB models from Moto EdgeX30, 70 in total
- Added noise models from Moto EdgeX30, Pixel 6Pro, S20FE, S21U Snap, 114 total
- Added config indicator
- Fixed Video Bitrate
- Fixed the AUX button fill in on the dark MIUI system theme
- Added default values for all Levels names to have something to fall back on
- Added new configs,
- Added "Shadows compensation" to the "Light and Shadow" block
- Fixed values in the patcher for some addresses
- Fixed names in values for some addresses
- Added new block "Volume settings" and moved there addresses, which were noticed to give volume to the photo (After applying embedded config or created on a previous version of mod, enable this block)
- Added indicator for HDR+ processing with AGC, old one removed
- Added fix resolution option under Micro setting
- Changed code for autofocus
- Resources fixed
- Minor edits


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