- Fixed Camera2API on the main module, for many the camera should work
- Fixed AUX
- Added support for individual configs for smartphones (delete the folder with configs ConfigsSettings8.3 and reset in the menu and a folder with configs for a separate phone will appear, which is in the list). Here is a list of smartphones:

  • "tucana" - mi note 10
  • "cas" - mi 10u
  • "alphalm" - LG G8
  • "lavender" - RedmiNote7
  • "apollo" - mi 10Tpro 5G
  • "flashlm" - LG v50
  • "flashlmdd" - LG v50
  • "surya" - PocoX3
  • "joyeuse" - RedmiNote 9Pro
  • "r8q" - Samsung s20FE
  • "curtana" - RedmiNote 9s
  • "cepheus" - Mi9
  • "sweet" - RedmiNote10Pro,
  • "renoir" - Mi11 Lite 5G

- Disconnected by default. settings "camera.zsl_ns" for stable work of the patcher,
- Disabled "large pack yuv" settings for fast viewfinder performance, something is disabled and included in the developer settings for stable and fast work of the mod
- Fixed models in "HDR and Interface"
- Fixed the operation of the Interface in the front camera
- Shutter button with 8.4
- New substrate on the AUX buttons
- Fixed translation
- Enabled auto nigh sight
- Added AWB models
- Fixed crash of the front camera when turning on "Micro"
- Fixed crash in night mode
- Added manual AUX input
- Added "Raisr Zoom Factor Tuning 1" and "Raisr Zoom Factor Tuning 2" (work in pairs) to the "Sharp New" block
- Added the rest of the code for autofocus that was done for 8.2
- Added setting for saving patched lib, path /MTSL8.3/patchedlib/,
the ability to load patched and custom libs, load libs into the /MTSL8.3/libs/ folder and load through the lib menu
- Removed unnecessary options (not working)
- Added Brazilian language
And much more


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