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This version contains work from Arnova8G2, BSG, Shamim, BigKaka, etc, so thanks to them.
Mod heavily based on Shamim's SGCam GCam 8.4.

LMC 8.4 Release 13 Fix 2

• ISO100, Max.Time, Max.ISO in shutter speed selection.
• Session selection for the system (initialization, most likely takes precedence over photo mode, necessary for devices that had to switch mode to activate sessions)
• 6 new sessions at the end of the list, thus adding probably all possible sessions at the moment

• Fixed work Mi12 Ultra
• Slightly changed excerpt code
• Fixes for some devices

* Some of the fixes are taken from the Shamim mod, thanks.

LMC 8.4 Release 13 Fix 1

• Several settings in the TEST patcher
• Supplemented the choice of the number of frames "20" on the button

• Fixed "Auto" lens logic (bug in R13), which resulted in disruption of shutter speed and so on.
• Fixed video on additional modules (bug in R13)
• A separate setting for choosing the number of frames at night has been removed, now it coincides with the simple mode, and can be switched using the corresponding button.
• Other fixes.

LMC8.4 Release 12 (Fix 1)

• Changed some options in the default developer.
• Changed autofocus code to close to AGC.
• Fixed ISO / Expo slider
• Fixed JPG compression
• Fixed a crash on the front camera on Mi10, X3P, and some others where it gave an Autotimer error.
• Added all possible Sensor IDs (Thanks to Big Kaka)

To return the stabilization buttons - in dev, turn on all the "washington" checkboxes

Further development has been halted.

LMC8.4 Release 12

• Choice of lens logic
• Upscale / Downscale
• Manual input of Color correction, noise models, white balance.
• New options in the test patcher

Updated tooltips, styles, buttons, etc. Added ways to support development.

• Fixed noise and stability issues on all interfaces
• Fixed auto-detection of the lens logic (Previously there was always ID4 Tele, regardless of the sensor)
• Fixed live photo resolution selection
• Optimized application and processing speed.

LMC8.4 Release 11

• Updated tooltips, styles, menus, and more, black theme for night mode.
• A second value has been added for all patcher parameters that have an on or off switch.
• Unlocking noise models is divided into modules and displayed in the Noise Models section
• Button option Photo resolution is identical to RAW. The option was included in R9, R10, which could cause problems on some other devices. It is recommended to enable for Mi10TP, MN10, Mi10, and other devices that support high resolution. The RES button seamlessly switches between resolutions. (HMX 12mp > 27mp).
• Interface selection on the front
• Fix HDR Raw divided by modules

• Fixed Merge selection dependency on/off. Sabre tumbler.
• Returned most of the removed parameters
• Returned the Portrait mode in the session and added all the values for slow motion video.
• Fixed work on Redmi 9, Realme 8, RN8P, partially Galaxy M52 and possibly others.

Added new configs.

LMC8.4 Release 10

Redesigned the menu and its styles, a bit of the interface.
I smashed the sessions on the lenses (I stole the code from @md_shamim12)
Fix resolution on the front camera
Added focus reset timeout to Tweaks LMS
Focus slider and shutter slider separated into different buttons
Added disable button
Added new options to the Test patcher.
Added new noise models
Added new Color Transforms
Added more values to shutter priority.
Added 3 frames per button
Updated LDR patcher
All config update

Fixed work on Xiaomi 12
Leica and OIS buttons without restart (I stole the idea from @xenius9gcc)
Removed some parameters from the lens settings BUT they are in the pro patcher.
Autofocus code changed.
The app is even faster.
Many other fixes


LMC8.4_R13 LMC8.4_R13 LMC8.4_R13 LMC8.4_R13

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