By Hasli.




- Fixed System CT, it now works in tandem with Auto-CT JAWB (Many thanks to Xenius9);
- Added CT for Nubia Z40s Pro (Xenius9);
- Added fix for reducing viewfinder brightness in video mode (Xenius9);
- ISO Limit, all basic Luma, Chroma, Temporal, Spatial have been moved to Basic settings (as in 8.4);
- Focus and zoom settings are moved to General settings;
- Hard Merge has been moved to the Saber section;
- Fix Noise Sabre, Downsample by 2 before Merge and Hot Pixel fix have been moved to the Processing section;
- Robustness (Motion fix) moved to Additional settings/Fix
- HDR Ratio, Preserving Highlights moved to the Light/Shadows section;
- Other cosmetic interface changes.

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