By Hasli.




This version contains work from Arnova8G2, BSG, Shamim, BigKaka, etc, so thanks to them.
Mod heavily based on Shamim's SGCam GCam 8.4.

LMC 8.4 Release 18

- Exposure slider on the left side of the screen in full height (in horizontal orientation from below).
- Mode and option buttons with popup list of other buttons (taken from ZGCam, modified by LMC).
- Vibration response buttons (AGC).
- Loading noise and AWB models. After selecting a custom model, you need to restart the application for the model to appear on the page (SGCam).
- Viewfinder frame rate (AE_AVAILABLE_TARGET_FPS_RANGES).
- Fixed default AUX for many devices (probably you won't have to change ID settings).
- Black theme, fixed display of the top bar, resizing of sliders, etc.
- There is no difference in quality, changes are only for ease of use. Configs from previous versions are suitable.

Buttons explanation:

Bar buttons:

Bar Buttons

Menu buttons:

Menu Buttons

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Versions from this modder may contain code from other developers.