By Hasli.




This version contains work from Arnova8G2, BSG, Shamim, BigKaka, etc, so thanks to them.
Mod heavily based on Shamim's SGCam GCam 8.4.

LMC 8.4 Release 17

- TEST patcher: LDR Lite Highlight, Sabre Noise, Disable Preserving Highlights (Disables the limit on the appearance of highlights, works in conjunction with the HDR Ratio).
- Gain section with new Radius Gain. (To activate the radii, the main Sharp Gain must be greater than 0).
- Samsung Mettering Mode in the System Setup section (Thanks iDan).
- Other fixes.

Package names:
Needed for phones with restricted access to the extra cameras (wide, telephoto, etc).

• _snapcam / org.codeaurora.snapcam: devices with Snapdragon processors (eg: OnePlus).
• _qcamera3 / org.codeaurora.qcamera3: devices with Snapdragon processors.
• _aweme / com.ss.android.ugc.aweme: some Realme, OPPO, and OnePlus devices.
• _ruler / com.samsung.android.ruler: for Samsung devices.
• _scan3d / com.samsung.android.scan3d: for Samsung devices.
• _google_lens / com.google.android.GoogleCameraEng: if you want to use Google Lens.

If your phone doesn't have any restriction, you can use different packages to have different GCams installed side-by-side.



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