By Hasli.




This version contains work from Arnova8G2, BSG, Shamim, BigKaka, etc, so thanks to them.
Mod heavily based on Shamim's SGCam GCam 8.4.

LMC 8.4 Release 16

- Added selection of the number of frames to be glued in ZSL / HDRNet (divided by modules) (processing functions) *3.
- Long Tap with Function Selection (Viewfinder Settings) *1.
- Added zoom value selection per button (system settings) *5.
- Added low / high viewfinder resolution switch (LMC tweaks).
- Added exposure slider view toggle (LMC tweaks).
- Several new presets for subtle noise levels.
- Removed the number of frames button and added a Julian T color transformation button.
- Added HDR effect item to the Exposure Compensation menu.

- Fixed merging on all interfaces, disabled the minimum threshold for merging frames (from 1 to 28, 28 is limited by the principle - it will work for everyone).
- Fixed exposure slider in HDRNet.
- Fixed front camera on some devices (1+6, 1+7, etc.) incl. library loading *6.
- Fixed some bugs that could occur when using different interfaces.
And other code changes.

1. 28 frames limit is purposeful, most devices are limited by such a buffer, and so that there are no disagreements in the config, I specified this limit.
2. In Release 16, the settings for selecting noise models, upscaling, black level settings, Julian CT have disappeared. - to re-expose and check by yourself.
3. In release 16 there are a lot of changes in the code part, new problems may appear. But for the most part, it's all good.
4. All main functions are checked through debugging and by the community before the release, if something does not work for you - the problem is in the config with a probability of 90%.

Code or ideas borrowed from: 1* PZD, 2* LMC8.2(Rashid), 5* x9s, 6* sgcam, 3* dpeasant3, 4* artiushkin.
I also express my gratitude to good friends for feedback and help :)

Old Configs:
- Some parameters on old configs have gone off (noise model, upscale, black level) need to be set again on your configs.

Package names:
Needed for phones with restricted access to the extra cameras (wide, telephoto, etc).

• _snapcam / org.codeaurora.snapcam: devices with Snapdragon processors (eg: OnePlus).
• _qcamera3 / org.codeaurora.qcamera3: devices with Snapdragon processors.
• _aweme / com.ss.android.ugc.aweme: some Realme, OPPO, and OnePlus devices.
• _ruler / com.samsung.android.ruler: for Samsung devices.
• _scan3d / com.samsung.android.scan3d: for Samsung devices.
• _google_lens / com.google.android.GoogleCameraEng: if you want to use Google Lens.

If your phone doesn't have any restriction, you can use different packages to have different GCams installed side-by-side.



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