By UltraM8.




(From his XDA thread. Based on GCam 8.1 from Arnova8G2.)


  • Configs from the previous version (UltraCVM_v8) may not work on this version. Custom made XMLs need to be updated.
  • On Android 11+, you need to give GCam permissions to access all files for XML loading/saving to work. [Android settings → Apps → Google Camera → Permissions → Files and Media access and select "Allow management of all files".]


  • fixed & optimized config
  • fixed front video for xiaomeme
  • fixed raw_sensor detection
  • fixed zoom knob
  • improved edge detection
  • fixed existing patcher controls
  • added some patcher controls by domonikNF, r0m10, ytsependa
  • added k20/mi9t, lg v50 & v60, oneplus 9 pro, poco x3, mi10pro support
  • reversed api2 keys overhaul
  • added HM2 noise model (thx Hugo)
  • native 48mp for op7/8 devices
  • redid separate auto settings for Day & Night modes
  • ulib (experimental):
    • many fixes from previous version
    • extended processing buffers
    • improved precision for certain algos
    • extended gyro filtering
    • ae compensation now reflects api
    • got rid of pixels tunings
    • redid various gains for day/night modes
    • optimized DRC to reflect number of frames
    • overhauled alignment & merge funcs
    • optimized samplers
    • fully decompressed processing
    • tweaked frames discarding
    • overhauled sabre



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