By UltraM8.




(From his XDA thread. Based on GCam 8.1 from Arnova8G2.)

UltraCAM is receiving the biggest update so far!

I wanna start with what 2021 is for me - it's a big year, an anniversary year - I’m 5 years into modding. Starting in late 2015 - early 2016 with Ainur Audio, I’m now here in 2021 with a camera mod project. I’m grateful to every person that’s been with me throughout all this time - all friends, users, testers and all people that supported mods and spread words about them.Thank all of you. Now we’re heading towards a bigger date of decade into modding ;)

I want to thank every person from the official gcam 8 modding community - Zoran, BSG, Eszdman, Urnyx05, Cstark, AbhiShake, Wyroczen, Wichaya, JohnGalt, Burial, Marco and especially - Arnova and Savitar. Gcam 8 is possible thanks to your efforts, guys, united against cancerous kanger communities you provide users with clean and trustful mods that push boundaries and open new possibilities. I’m proud to be part of the big team.

People might question - how did we jump on 8 version this quick, since last build was 5.1 - in short, v6 & v7 were never released due to two main issues: severe quality downgrade for all 7.3+ gcams and issues in the modding community due to kangers.
Now. I know it's been a while since the last UltraCVM release, but we finally got there - Ultra v8 based on the most recent Arnova mod is finally here! Based on latest Arnova 8.1.101 mod it uses best possible base to provide me with incredible flexibility to keep up with experiments with quality.

Finally. What’s with UltraCVM v8? Here is the list:
- Custom config based on pixel5 & 6
- supported by: k20,k20pro,pocox3,pocof2pro,pocox2,zenfone6&7,oneplus7/t/pro/8/8pro,oppofindx2pro,opporeno10xzoom
- Fully optimized for both average & sum binning
- Turned on some unreleased pixel6 features
- Forced high quality processing for denoise, awb & edge detection
- Forced high precision shaders
- Fully uncompressed processing for dng & jpeg
- Extended processing buffers (might be unnecessary, experimental)
- Attempted to reverse proprietary pixel keys to fallback to qualcomm ones (experimental)
- Increased number of frames per payload stack up to 50 (used in high quality number of frames with dropdown buttons)
- Added qc bracketing to support shasta algorithm
- Added several custom noise models (thx savitar, sixarmedpriest & mevlut)
- Added OEM Noise Model switch to RamPatcher for those who dont have custom noise models in "Noise Model Config" section

- Fully custom ULIB:
- Removed pixel models noise tuning
- Uncompressed dng processing
- Decreased downscale during calculations
- Removed embedded pixel DCP for DNG (thx Savitar)
- Patched to support bigger bayers for normal & sabre upscale processing
- Redid sabre shader
- Attempt to null underexposure mechanism

I'm not letting anyone reuse of Ulib, or using UltraCVM as base for your gcam mod!


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