By BigKaka.



This version supports .xml and .agc configs:


AGC8.4.300_V9.2_fix2 (2022-09-04):
- Fix a problem where portraits cannot be imaged

AGC8.4.300_V9.2_fix1 (2022-09-04):
- Fixed 845 CPU type force close problem such as poco f1, Mix2s, Iqoo
- Fixed iqoo, vivo photo dark problem because the SpatialGainMap(Lens Shading Map) is turned on by default
- Fixed 16:9 photos could not be taken in front lens
- Fixed camera photo resolution cannot be selected
- Fixed import xml lens loss problem

AGC8.4.300_V9.2 (2022-09-02):
- Added automatically find main lens id, solve the problem that camera cannot be opened due to main lens non-zero values
- Added manual focus slider, automatically find all lens's focus distance, you can modify it yourself if the data is wrong
- Added Z Fold 4, Z FLIP 4 and Samsung S22U Exynos supports
- Added hunman and dog face recognition, need pixel2XL viewinder
- Added meizu, lg, zte, poco Watermark logo
- Added Chinese supports for custom watermark
- Added Mi12SU and Mi10U CCT values for different ISOs
- Added Black and White Leica CCT
- Added CCT Override Lens Settings in Image processing
- Added Auto-CT code refactored from lmc, thanks Hasli work
- Added SpatialGainMap Fix in Lens Settings, for fix same device like vivo, sony and samsung exynos
- Added Analysis, Portrait Depth in Experimental Setting
- Added hdrnet switch for non-pixel, turn on wiil turn on white balance
- Added AWB Imx355 Imx471 Ov5675 S5kgw3 S5khm2
- Added dynamic black level
- Added override lens zoom max
- Added upsale to lens settings and fix portrait mode
- Added bright light fix

- Fixed hdr+(zsl) noise by turn off gcam.zsl_ns, turn off if the old version of hdr+ has a lot of noise in low light
- Fixed same devices ois wrong issue
- Fixed mtk and Exynos device same problem by changed Pixel2 xl for default interface for mtk and Exynos device


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