By BigKaka.



This version supports .xml and .agc configs:


AGC 8.4.300 V9

- Perfect for Xiaomi 12S series, Samsung 22 series, Xiaomi K50 series, Samsung Exynos devices, Samsung A52s, no need any xml
- Added Leica watermark similar to Xiaomi 12S Ultra
- Added Leica photo mode
- Added Noise Model: Mi10TP, Mi11i, S22U
- Added AWB: Pixel5, Pixel6
- Supported CCT, AWB, Noise Model manual upload automatic selection
- Added Dotfix for reduce noise
- Added White balance sider, Non-pixel can cause shot delay, Thanks arnova8G2
- Added Ka beauty in option viewfinder
- Added manual focus value setting for night scene mode, Added a median item
- Added crash pop-up window, copy crash url function, you need to wait for the log to be uploaded before clicking
- Improve picture quality
- Improve focus speed
- Patch shortcut settings support modification and return to restart the app
- Fixed Libpatch issue: Vignette Control, CG5, Highlight Compensation
- Fixed OnePlus DNG can't import lightroom issue

- Check White balance if turn off or not when u import xml from V8 version, Non-pixel turn on can cause shot delay
- If you are a Mediatek SoC, just set Merge to 0 (winener filter), others keep the default



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