By BigKaka.



This version supports .agc configs:


AGC 9.2 V9.0:

- Added Xiaomi 14 Ultra support
- Added Manual WB
- Added Global profile info
- Added LUT Intensity slider, LUT panel selections are saved to profile
- Added Profile settings: Default Zoom, Portrait Default Zoom
- Added Traditional Chinese
- Fixed get My LUTs list after the toolkit exits the background
- Fixed unable to import agc files from toolkit
- Fixed Big sharp radius can't save problem
- Fixed Xiaomi11U 2x lens
- Fixed black level manual input

AGC Toolkit 6.0.6:

- Download »

- Added ToneCurve
- Added pop-up window for exit Editing
- Added filter list to user center
- Added Show “by AGC” options for pro version
- Optimize image selection

Note: XML and LUT download from Toolkit, the photo Exif information will contain XML and LUT id. When photos uploaded to the Moments, XML and LUT links will be displayed.


🗣 Discussion:

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