By BigKaka.



This version supports .agc configs:


Thank you for your continued support. In the new version, we have brought a LUT selection panel. It needs to be linked with the toolkit. Find the lut you like through the toolkit. Click the upper right corner and add it to My LUT. It will appear in AGC Mod and toolkit Edits, I hope you all like it ^_^

AGC 9.2 V8.0:

- Added LUT selection panel
- Added Sensor Color Filter
- Fixed dev settings: c2api.color_correction_mode, c2api.color_correction_ambition_mode, c2api.distortion_correction_mode, c2api.tone_mode

AGC Toolkit 5.9.8:

- Download »

- Added My LUT, Easily manage LUTs used by AGC mods and Edits

Note: XML and LUT download from Toolkit, the photo Exif information will contain XML and LUT id. When photos uploaded to the Moments, XML and LUT links will be displayed.


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