By BigKaka.



This version supports .agc configs:


AGC 9.2 V6.0:

- Added Film watermark time format
- Added debug data white level, black level
- Added Xiaomi13U Aperture control, need rooted
- Added switch camera long press jump to Global patcher when using Disable, KaDay, KaNight
- Fixed switch camera long press button can't jump to current profile
- Fixed location missing
- Fixed 13U blackscreen
- Fixed custom curve can't copy to other profile with AGC Toolkit

AGC Toolkit 5.9.3:

- Download »

- Added cache
- Adjust the Moments 3 picture layout
- Fixed post Moments xml info missing problem
- Fixed category column style issue
- Fixed Unable to use when there is no network

Note: For xml and lut downloaded through Toolkit, the photo Exif information will contain xml and lut id. For photos uploaded to the community, xml and lut links will be displayed.


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