By BigKaka.



This version supports .xml and .agc configs:


AGC 8.4.300 V9.8

What's new!!

- Added watermark card background, support black background
- Added CCT to profile like 8.8 version
- Added Opmode time lapse
- Fixed SD845 855 devices
- Fixed night sight freezing on Samsung devices
- Fixed night sight can not 1/3s on Samsung devices
- Fixed face detection, remove Ka Beauty, restore face retouch to gcam logic
- Fixed Video for Xiaomi 13 Pro
- Turn off Hexagon on non-pixel
- Change the ZSL frame back to the default value to solve the problem of continuous shooting stuck
- Restore libpatch range values to 9.6 versions
- Supported Older Pixel devices
- Force close dual exposure for non-pixel and Older Pixel models below pixel 6 when you use hdrnet


GCamTools was also updated and has a new name: AGC ToolKit.


🗣 Discussion:

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