By BigKaka.



AGC 8.7 V5.1

Notice: this restores the stream functionality, fixes some devices like the Samsung S23 Ultra black viewfinder, etc.

- Added CCT and AutoCCT to config.
- Added update awb online.
- Fixed Xiaomi 13 Pro video by default.
- Fixed beauty crash problem.
- Fixed the bug that crash does not generate logs.
- Fixed Pixel7Pro interface crash issue.
- Removed Stream Mode Options, just set Stream Operation Mode then it can works.
- Changed AWB ratio default value to 1.002930f.
- Added libpatch parameters:
-- Exposure: Brightness(Smaller value brighter image)
-- Light and Shadow: Sabre Contrast
-- Sabre: HDR Sabre Calc Val 1, HDR Sabre Calc Val 2
-- Sharpness: Sharp Distrib 1, Sharp Distrib 2, Sharp Distrib 3, Polysharp Radius Small, Polysharp Radius Med, Polysharp Radius Large
-- Other: Fine Spatial Max 1, Fine Spatial Min 1, Fine Spatial Max 2, Fine Spatial Min 2
-- Subtle Noise Reduction levels 1 all parameters
-- Subtle Noise Reduction levels 2: Luma Denoise New A, Luma Denoise New B




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