By BigKaka.



This version supports .xml and .agc configs:


AGC 8.4.300 V9.4

What's new!!

- Fixed custom patch switch issue
- Fixed custom patch long hex value issue
- Works for Vivo X90 Pro Plus by default
- Added noise model Vivo X90Pro Plus
- Added noise model GalaxyM51
- Added noise model OP7P-IMX586 - AVG
- Refactor stream,remove sdk26 sdk25
- Libpatch wrong: sharp gain micro, Sharp distrib rad 2, tun col sat par 1, tun col sat par 2
- Libpatch key changed: sabre1 => sabre_1,sabre2 => sabre_2, green => cf1, red => cf2, by => cf3, gro => cf5, orgb => cf6, blue => cg3
- Libpatch increased to 12 sets

For use custom patch website:
Thanks @Rivington hard works.
Thanks Vamsi, enerGy, Sku kemo, Arcide, Margin, khoirul, CarlosR7 for test.



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