By BigKaka.



(This is the updated v3 that fixes Lib Patcher. The apk file was renamed.)

First things, Clear cache after installation ^_^

- Support Library Patcher, Due to the huge workload, only Sharpness, Saturation, HDR Range +, HDR Range -
- Support dynamic black level, manual black level
- Support more opmode modes: photo, portrait, night sight
- Support hdrnet instant enhanced HDR+ control, replacing HDR+ enhanced
- Hide lens focus data
- Fix can't get lens error, Optimize selection lens popup
- Fix merge method logic error
- Fix HDR+ Model logic error, Now u can try pixel6 ^_^
- Fix picture quality cannot be set
- Fix Hexagon DSP cannot be closed
- Fixed portrait HDR+ not working
- Remove 90% of code from other mods, faster



AGC_8.4.300.18_V3 AGC_8.4.300.18_V3 AGC_8.4.300.18_V3

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