Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite RAW Enabler

This module adds 48MP RAW capabilities to the Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite, allowing higher RAW and JPEG photo resolutions. By Wyroczen.


What will it give you:

  • 48MP RAW in high resolution outputs (for now only my modded Open Camera can use it).
  • Not tested on the Mi CC9. Try at your own risk.

What you will loose:

  • 12mp raw resolution.

Known Issues:

  • It’s experimental as for now you can’t really do much with it, but it works. 48mp raw photos looks a little weird and need more tests.
  • Not tested on the Mi CC9.


  • Flash in Magisk like a standard module and reboot.


If you want to support Wyroczen’s work, his PayPal is: PayPal.me/wyroczen

For support, check the @googlecameraglobal group.

Thanks to Wyroczen for this module and everyone involved in testing.

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