Razer Phone 2 Viewfinder and EIS Fix

Fixes for the Razer Phone 2, by Usyless. Magisk required.


  1. Download the module(s)
  2. Install the modules (Magisk Manager » Modules » Click on “+” » select the zip)
  3. Reboot

You can use one of the fixes or both at the same time.


Two modules are available:

Viewfinder Fix »
  • What does it do: Improves the quality of the viewfinder by using a camera file from Android 8.
  • Issues: None (that I’m aware).
  • Download: RP2ViewfinderFix.zip
EIS Fix »
  • What does it do: Allows EIS (Electronic Image Stabilisation) to work at 1080p 60fps.
  • Issues: Breaks 4K 60fps recording. Also breaks 1080p 60FPS recording on the front camera.
  • Notes: Use a GCam to record video.
  • Download: RP260fpsEIS.zip

Help and support:

Please report any issues on the thread/group linked above.

Thanks to Usyless and everyone involved for the fixes!

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