RAW Enabler for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

This Magisk module, created by Wyroczen, enables the RAW in the Camera2 API for all lenses on the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Since they’re not “advertised” via the API, this device needs a GCam with a special fix in order to use all cameras. This module allows the auxiliary cameras to work on GCam apks without the fix.


  1. Backup your stuff, just in case.
  2. Download the module.
  3. Install it via Magisk Manager.
  4. Reboot.



  • Tested on Android 11 (AUF2) and Magisk 23.

Useful links:


  • Wyroczen, for creating this module. You can donate to him via PayPal.
  • Everyone that tested this fix.

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