LG V40 Buffer Fix

TWRP flashable zip with a buffer fix for the LG V40. Created by Wyroczen, it should fix viewfinder lag on Google Camera.


Android 10 (Magisk):

Tested on Android 10 (custom ROMs).

Android 9 (TWRP):

This was only tested on the stock Android 9 ROM, but might work on other ROMs too.

If you just need the file (/vendor/lib/hw/):

BSG’s fix:

BSG also shared his fix for this phone, although he didn’t specify the differences between his version and Wyroczen:



  1. Boot to TWRP
  2. Mount Vendor
  3. Flash zip

For Magisk:

  1. Open Magisk Manager
  2. Install the module
  3. Reboot


Thanks to wyroczen (donation link) and everyone else involved with testing.

🗣 Discussion: