Settings for Google Camera Port (5th revision)

Before we start, three important notes:

  • This port doesn't have "universal settings" that work on every phone. What works on my phone my not work on yours.
  • If you can't find the exact setting, maybe the developer changed the setting/option name. Look for similar names.
  • APKs from Arnova8G2 should work better on OnePlus phones. Some of the issues present on BSG's APKs were fixed by him. Check the download page.


You need to restart the app so the new settings are applied.

  • Model: Pixel XL (or any other Pixel option). Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X for sharper images. Try other settings if the app crashes.
  • Config camera HDR+: "Pixel 2017 ZSL HDR+ (new)" should be the best for most phones. "Nexus 6 HDR+ Auto" doesn't have ZSL but it's known to be stable.

The rest (video resolution, camera sounds, location, etc) is up to you.

  • Explore the settings menu to enable more features (Portrait Mode, RAW, JPG quality, etc).
  • HDR+ parameters: higher = better quality in difficult conditions (eg: low light), but slower to process. Start with the default setting, change it if needed.
  • Colour balance: The "manual fixed black level offset" menu allows you to play with the colour balance. These settings work well on the OP3/3T.
  • Android Oreo users: you may need to go to "Debugging and tools" and uncheck "camera.use_photos" so you can see your photos from inside the app.