Settings for the Google Camera Port (4th revision)

Before we start, three important notes:

  • This port doesn't have "universal settings" that work on every phone. What works on my phone my not work on yours.
  • If you can't find the exact setting, maybe the developer changed the setting/option name. Look for similar names.
  • APKs from Arnova8G2 should work better on OnePlus phones. Some of the issues present on BSG's APKs were fixed by him. Check the download page.

B-S-G Mod Settings:

You need to restart the app so the new settings are applied.

  • Model: Pixel XL (or any other Pixel option). Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X for sharper images. Try other settings if the app crashes.
  • HDR+ parameters: "Default" (or "lower") is faster. Read bellow for an explanation about this.

The rest (video resolution, camera sounds, location, etc) is up to you.

  • Explore the settings menu to enable more features (Portrait Mode, RAW, JPG quality, etc).
  • HDR+ parameters: higher = better quality in difficult conditions (eg: low light), but slower to process.
  • Colour balance: The "manual fixed black level offset" menu allows you to play with the colour balance. These settings work well on the OP3.
  • Android Oreo users: you may need to go to "Debugging and tools" and uncheck "camera.use_photos" so you can see your photos from inside the app.