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!! Configs from previous versions are NOT SUPPORTED. Their use leads to an error. !!
!! If Google Camera does not start after installation, you need to clear the application data. !!

48MP in Google Camera is available on MI9, MI9T, MI9T Pro only if these conditions are met:

1. The bootloader is unlocked.
2. Installed Magisk.
3. A module for Magisk is installed (they were made and tested only on MIUI based on Chinese weekly. Support is not provided with global and custom firmware):

- For MI9 (not updated, for magisk below 20.3): EsMod_Mi9_imx586_48MP_A10_.zip (from here)
- For MI9T: EsMod_Mi9T_K20_imx582_A10_28012020.zip
- For MI9T Pro: EsMod_MI9TPro_K20Pro_imx586_A10.zip

4. Installed Google Camera 7.2 (link above).

After doing everything above, you need to enable "use 48MP" on the camera settings. Then the 48/12MP switch will appear in the viewfinder.

The 48MP mode has a number of drawbacks and is suitable for shooting predominantly static (stationary) objects / landscapes since the viewfinder in this mode has a low refresh rate (it slows down).
In addition, horizontal stripes appear on the MI9T in the dark. This is most likely due to the hardware limitations of the camera module.

There is a separate libpatcher and AWB for 48MP.
While processing the photo, switching 48/12 will result in the loss of the photo taken.

Special thanks to Arnova8G2.


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