By Parrot043.



(From here, translation via Google Translate.)

• Added support for Xml configs. Thanks Arnova8G2.
• Added the item "Reset Settings". Allows you to reset user settings through settings in the application.
• Added exposure compensation on the front camera.
• Added a black and white photo function.
• Added the item "Advanced Hdr + in portrait mode". Thanks cstark.
• Added a drawing mode. Thanks cstark.
• Added auto white balance buttons and black and white photo.
• Added to the Night shooting buttons the buttons with light and on / off astrophotography. For the code for hiding buttons in other modes where they are not needed, thanks cstark.
• Added bitrate for Slow mode.
• Added bitrate for Acceleration mode.
• Added a choice of the base model for the main camera and the front.
• Focus tracking is off on Mi9 / 9T / 9T Pro devices.
• The inscription of astrophotography is now displayed in less light, but not as it was during the day.
• Added selection of JPG compression.
• Translated the XML selection menu.
• Added support for SDM845. Thanks Arnova8G2.
• Added fix portrait photos on Android 9 with the MIUI10-11 shell.
• Removed portrait due to instability on SDM845.
• Application optimization.
• Updated some item icons.
• Updated translation.
• There could be something else, maybe something was missed.

I would like to express more thanks to the community Urnux05, Arnova8G2, cstark. Special thanks I want to express to my team of testers for their help in identifying bugs.


This version supports .xml configs:


Screenshot Google Camera Screenshot Google Camera Screenshot Google Camera Screenshot Google Camera

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