By burial.




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The mod is based on Gcam from Urnyx05 v2.0 (with support for xml configs).
Thanks to him and the community for their help and support.

Features of this mod:

1. Exposure Compensation.
2. Expanded selection of the number of frames of the enhanced HDR+.
3. Light painting.
4. Forced Astrophotography can shot with bright lamp.
5. Automatic white balance separately for aux module.
6. More libpatcher features.
7. Phone position hint.
8. Hide live photos and turn off quick video button.
9. Default zoom value setting.
10. Sabre on for telephoto camera for Mi9T(K20).
11. Quick access to exposure settings by long pressing on the gallery.


- Yandex Money: yoomoney.ru/to/4100111067849181
- Russian group: t.me/joinchat/IVAaFBQBBwjSOSb7J02THw
- Telegram channel: @burial_channel

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