By tigr.



List of changes:
- Transition to version 7.2.011
- A huge bugfix!
- Best default settings for Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 8T
- Because of this, there are practically no bugs
- The most flexible settings of all cameras
> For example, dynamic black level adjustment
> Maximum brightness when holding down the camera switch button
✅Based on the new version of GoogleCamera 7.2 from Urnyx05
- It guarantees you reliability and the best quality of pictures.
> Compatible with version 9 and 10 android

Be sure to clear application data after installation to avoid problems.

Many thanks to Arnova, Urnyx05, marlin-ku, marcello, Alexey, cstark, Abhi_Shake, as well as the entire GCam Community, celsoazevedo for their help and support!


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