HyperCam E3

By jairo_rossi.


- All versions from jairo_rossi.


• Merged functions with Hyper S. Then S will not be continued.
• Added new Gamma and Tone Map control.
• Tone Curves, Black Level Control, Shadows, and Lights.
• Removed all Libs to decrease apk size, only kept Lib Hex in txt.
• Added new Libs Hex txt (Overkill by SixArmedPriest among others)
• Manual Focus Control with changing user-controlled distances.
• Reorganization of Image Processing Menus. Saturation, Sharpness, Curves and Gamma are in the same Menu.
• Added function to include Vignette in photos.
• Removed Samsung API2 (No effective gain found)

Changelog for HyperCam_E3.0_P_CFV.apk:

- Crash Fix Version for Redmi Note 4 / 4x (Mido). It can work on other devices.

Credits to @mohdmujahidn.

To avoid issues, clean app data before opening it for the first time.

Telegram group: t.me/gbcam (Portuguese).


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