By Parrot043.



(From here, translation via Yandex Translate.)

Version: 7.2.014 | V1.
Bugs on 9 Android / Available:
• Inverted image in night shooting when horizontal.
• Crash when viewing portrait shots.
(Bugs on Android 9 won't be fixed)
Bugs on 10 Android: not detected.

Android: 9+

• Added fix astrophoto. Thank you cstark27.
• Added Astrophoto Force.
• Fixed shutter speed on Samsung S8 Active.
• Astrophoto with a long exposure became rare to do "black pictures".
• Added share photo via Telegram X and Vkontakte. Thank you the_dise.
• Fixed the function of movement. Now Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro do not fly out because of the fix.
• Added in Lib patcher ISO selection.
• Fixed retouching on the front camera.
• Added fix-Slow-motion. Thank You Arnova8G2.
• Added a switch fix to 1/8 in Slow motion.
• Fixed "auto timer" function on front camera.
• Added item "Exposure in night shooting".
• Added a patcher for astrophoto. Thank you cstark27.
• Added category settings item "More".
• Split 4K switch for "Acceleration" function.
• Added Sabre Force.
• Maximum zoom in video is 10x.
• Updated icons to some items.
• There may be something else.
• Added new bugs.
• Thanks: Arnova8G2, cstark27, the_dise, marlin-ku, tigr.
Bugs on OC Android 9 will not be fixed (no time and desire to deal with them).

Versions from this modder may contain code from other developers.