By overwhelmer.



Compatible with Android Q

*Clear app data before using.*

*Open Settings on first launch.*

•Made changes for Android 10 notification fix for Mi A1 custom roms.[thanks to Arnova8G2 and Wyroczen]
•Added 3 more parameters to Library Patcher(aka GammaFullSettings)[thanks to trCam, TlNeun's Cam]
Gamma coeff may not be effective but Dehaze and ISO limit works
•Lib Patcher Toggle Button on Viewfinder.
•2x button for lens change.(idea from Mi cam)[test]
•Long Press Settings button to Toggle the active On-Screen Controls.
•Added Pixel3mod2 AWB
•Made Changes in AWB Selector button Function [added a feature from UNI cam]
•Added Lens Shading mode in place of disable lens correction option
•Non HDR Photo and Video color effects. Just like in third party apps.
•Removed Quick Settings
•Cleaner Settings Menu with regrouping of some settings.

You may use:
CameraPatchReborn_Q or CameraPatchDotfix_Q

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