By Marco.



By marco and jean-luc. Shared here. Don't spam the group if you don't have a OP6/6T.

Changelog v2.2:
- added AWB button to ViewFinder which
a) indicates if AWB is on or off and
b) can switch between on and off (on uses Pixel 2 AWB)
- moved video compression (H.265) and "raw + jpeg" to persistent settings
- both ViewFinder buttons (xml/awb) are now also shown in landscape mode
- small settings rearrangement
- spelling mistakes corrections


This version comes with some built-in configs for the OnePlus 6/6T.

If you have a different phone, you can try one of the configs for versions from Arnova8G2, but keep in mind that this apk was modded to work on the OP6/6T. Configs are located inside /GCam/Configs/Minikon.

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