By Parrot043.



(From here, translation via Yandex Translate.)

Android 10+. GCam 7.2.014. Clean the app data to avoid issues.

• Fixed a long tap on the video finder anywhere on the screen to call the Google Lens.
• Added item "Disable zoom" in portrait mode.
• Added HDR + selection to Portrait mode.
• Fixed dark areas on the front camera. It was noticeable on Redmi Note 7.
• Added the item "Default Zoom". The maximum value is 10x.
• Added new Auto White Balance profiles - Samsung S5KGW1, Samsung S5KGM1. Thanks tigr1234566.
• Fixed the "Motion" function.
• For many requirements, returned a maximum zoom of up to 10X.
• Fixed a quick video with a long press on the shutter button.
• The focus tracking function did not work and will be hidden on some devices with SDM855 and SDM730.

Versions from this modder may contain code from other developers.