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List of changes (EN):

- Added focus slider
- Added new buttons in the video finder
- Star, this is an astrophotography mode, recommended for capturing lines of light or stars
- Ball with mesh, turns on / off noise reduction in the settings
- Wood, camera switching button
- AWB button, enables / disables AWB recalculation directly from the video finder
- Auto / Pro mode, turn on / off sliders
- Added libpatcher - the ability to change the sharpness and noise reduction in the library itself
- Fixed Sabre, now it can be used, but if you have crashes there are Fix Sabre points for the front camera / night mode, another option is to change the RAW format to RAW_SENSOR, turn it off if you have a night mode crashes
- Added correction of black / white levels, black level shift, correction of the level of Red, Green, Green 2 (for some senosors of RGGB cameras), Blue
- Added the ability to select PixelAWB in the video finder, in the choice of white balance
- Changed the design of icons, buttons, menus
- Redrawn the entire interface and painted in yellow
- Now instead of the clone, the original package name is used to prevent freezes during HDR + processing
- It also affects AndroidQ, the camera is fully compatible with it.
- Changed default settings for better quality out of the box images
- Added the ability to switch between cameras, useful for phones with 3 or more cameras
- If this button (tree) is not displayed, you will need to install the module for Magisk
- Added the ability to save / load configs as in 6.1, share your settings for various devices
- Improved stability and performance of the application, no crashes (I remind you, if you enabled super zoom resolution, there will be a crash in night mode)
- Fully fixed ISO, now it has a slider combined with shutter speed
- Added option to enable maximum brightness
- Added focus tracking
- Added selection of gallery and Google Photo
- Added optical stabilization (OIS)
- Added electronic stabilization (EIS)
- Updated libraries (Hybrid, Sharp)
- Added libraries (SRGB B2, Abhi test3)
- Added NoiseModeler for telephoto

- MinISO always includes the minimum ISO
- Exposure + ISO as 1S25
- Changed the logic of the slider itself, a lot of divisions with ISO up to 102000
- Now you can shoot with a shutter speed of 60 seconds
- Added division M— maximum shutter speed
- Added JKKX20 division maximum shutter speed + maximum ISO

This last update on base 6.2, will be 7.2 in NEXT UPDATE (2020).

Thank you very much Arnova, Urnyx05, dpstar, marcello, Alexey, cstark, Abhi_Shake, as well as the whole GCam Community, celsoazevedo for help and support, for having so many features. Thank the_dise for your help with the interface.

See also: Version for Snapdragon 845.


File name changed from "trCamera REBORN V5 DEEP END (FINAL VERSION).apk" to "trCamera_REBORN_V5_deep_end_final.apk".


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