By the_dise.



Android 10+. GCam 7.2.011. Clean the app data to avoid issues. From here.

A minor, but important update. Added "infinity" focus to astrophotography, 60 FPS video, and Russian translation. More info:

- Google Camera version 7.1 and higher are only for Android 10+.
- Starting with 3.2, the application signature has changed. Uninstall the previous version before installation.
- DMGC is tested on Xiaomi Mi A2 (PE 10). This device is a priority. I support and fix other devices as far as possible, it’s hard for me to make a camera without a phone in my hands. - Astro mode on Mi A2 works from 1 to 5 seconds of exposure, if the camera flies above.
- Astro mode cannot be launched on Redmi Note 7 yet, due to crashes with "sabre".