• MGC_5.1.018_v2e_tolyan009_v1.2_manual_focus.apk
  • Posted by Tolyan009 here, translated by rrusl1.



    • Again a small translation correction (management of SmartBurst, etc.)
    • Added the function of flipping the image from the front camera (actual for some xiaomi, etc.)
    • The function of controlling the modes of the extended auto-exposure (essentially controlling the shutter speed)

    Regarding the last point - a very interesting function, in fact, now we have the ability to change the shutter speed, for example, by default the picture is taken with a shutter speed of 1 / 50s, selecting each of the following modes, we extend the shutter speed by ~ 2 times, i.e. we obtain 1 / 25s, 1 / 12s, and 1 / 6s.


    I've changed the file name:

    • From: MGC_5.1.018_B-S-G_Mod_2e++add_some_features_by_Tolyan009_v1.2.apk
    • To: MGC_5.1.018_v2e_tolyan009_v1.2.apk
    • From: MGC_5.1.018_B-S-G_Mod_2e++add_some_features_by_Tolyan009_v1.2+manual+focus.apk
    • To: MGC_5.1.018_v2e_tolyan009_v1.2_manual_focus.apk

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