By Parrot043.



(From here, translation via Google/Yandex/Deepl Translate.)

For Android 10. Clean the app data to avoid issues.

- For the interface was taken a device with the codename -sargo- (Pixel 3).
- The default device for the main camera is coral -, and the device for the front camera is bullhead -.
- FPS selection in video has been added.
- It seems to have been enabled astrophotography mode by default.It is unknown at this time...
- Added front camera fix for Redmi Note 5 Pro.
- Item "Familiar faces" is activated.
- The "shutter Sound" item is available to everyone.
- Added 1/4 and 1/8 switch fix.
- The portrait was removed for repairs.
- The "Slow down" item is hidden on redmi K20/K20 PRO, MI 9, Mi 9T,Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 4x devices.
- Item " Change the depth of field of images in social.the Internet " became available to everyone.
- Added the item " Use a hint about the position of the phone in relation to the horizon."
- Added "Use Google Photos" option.
- Added "Focus tracking" item.
- Added "Hide Motion icon" item.
- Fixed motion feature on all smartphones.Initially, when you turn on this function took off
- Added item "Maximum brightness".
- Added item "compression DNG "RAW".
- Added a proprietary "Quick settings" switch.
- Added "Open default mode" item.
- Added "Interface Theme" item.
- Added item "JPG Quality".
- Added Auto White Balance selection.
- Added item "auto exposure Correction".
- Added the item "exposure Compensation".
- Added fine-tuning of saturation.
- Added item " auto white Balance in HDR+".
- Added Display P3.
- Added paragraph "Use of an improved bonding of frames Sabre".
- Sabre has been fixed completely on the Redmi Note 7.
- Added item " auto exposure Correction in Night mode"
- Added "night mode Hint" item.
- Added the suppression of flicker
- Added hue correction on front camera
- Added "hot pixel Suppression" option.
- Added item "Ignore black pixels".
- Added item "UHD 4K mode" Acceleration""
- Added item "Disable item" Slow motion"
- Added bitrate selection
- Fixed crash app on Redmi K20 Pro / Mi 9 / Redmi K20 etc devices.
- Added item quality selection in blur mode.
- So it was a lot of work done very fine which is barely visible to the ordinary user.


Google Camera 7.2 Google Camera 7.2 Google Camera 7.2 Google Camera 7.2 Google Camera 7.2 Google Camera 7.2 Google Camera 7.2 Google Camera 7.2 Google Camera 7.2 Google Camera 7.2

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