By Marco.



MJL (Marco jean-luc & marco) Minikon is a customized version of x7a Marcello's mod.

This 6.1 based mod provides some useful advanced settings to tune the image and improve sharpness and denoise.

I have replaced the main lib, the sounds (recorded by myself on an old slr camera), and the launcher icon. I have prepared several presets already included in the app. Marco Christman did a fantastic job to make this mod easy to install and use.

Thanks to him, you just have to install the apk, all the necessary folders, files and xml's are automatically implemented. He also added a XML menu with explanations for each xml. For Android 9 only.

Shared on this telegram group for the OnePlus 6 and 6T. Please don't spam the group if you don't own the phone.


This version comes with some built-in configs for the OnePlus 6/6T.

If you have a different phone, you can try one of the configs for versions from Arnova8G2, but keep in mind that this apk was modded to work on the OP6/6T. Configs are located inside /GCam/Configs/Minikon.


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